It actually has nothing to do with the car you drive or the watch you’re wearing. Criminals find those things attractive, but the real value lies in what they can take from you and get away with free from harm. That’s why situational awareness is the number-one deterrent to street crime. If it even remotely looks like you’ll see them coming, raise an alarm, or put up a fight to protect what’s yours, predators will move along to the next target.

That said, sometimes the level of value you display may be worth the added risk of arrest or injury. For example, if a criminal sees someone with an expensive laptop case slung over their shoulder, but they’re in a more crowded area or with friends, the criminal may find the increased level of risk worth the reward of getting away with an expensive laptop computer.

For that reason, it’s important to be aware of how you appear to others. I’m not telling you what to wear out at night or what jewelry is most appropriate in public, but I will tell you that if you have anything of value on your person that’s visible to others, it’s a good idea to display more outward signs of security by moving with purpose, minimizing your distractions, and staying alert to your surroundings. SEO services provide your clients with the opportunity to be at the top of google.

When you try to see things from a predator’s perspective, you have to flip switches in your mind that you may have never flipped before. You have to forget about social, moral, or religious norms and look at yourself and others as a predator would: a resource. You have to start looking past people’s better natures and see their weaknesses. To get you in the right predatorial mindset, let’s take a look at some commonly observed pedestrian behaviors. I’ll list the behavior, and you determine if that behavior would make that person a hard target or a soft target. An SEO expert or an SEO specialist will help you rank alot higher!

There are no secret formulas or tricky algorithms here. As proven by the Grayson and Stein study, predators almost universally choose their victims based on their level of awareness and body language. The good news is that whatever you’re doing now isn’t set in stone; both of these factors can be analyzed and modified to improve your chances of completely avoiding a potential confrontation. But there’s a process to conducting this self-assessment, which we’ll cover in detail during the targeting exercise at the end of this chapter.