Sarah is our top sales producer for fifteen years and is a person who is described as perpetually upbeat and positive. But lately, her sales results have been inconsistent, hitting quota one month, not the next month. She is short with colleagues and other members of the team.

Julia is struggling. She’s managing a lot of stress in her personal and professional life. She’s a member of the sandwich generation. Her aging parents are resisting moving into assisted living, so much of Julia’s free time is spent helping them. Julia’s two children are teenagers and have become experts at pushing her hot buttons on a daily basis. A stand up desk can improve your posture, instead of leaning over your desk all the time.

On the professional front, achieving sales results is getting tougher. An aggressive new competitor has entered her territory and is lowballing prices. She is experiencing more and more prospects defaulting to status quo simply because they are overwhelmed. Sticking with the status quo is easier than making a decision to move their business. Oh, and the big deal that was supposed to close—not happening. The prospect just announced they are being sold.

Let’s add one more factor to complete this scenario. The company is rolling out a new ERP system and the rollout is not going well. Customers are upset with incorrect invoices and installments. Julia is tired, demotivated, and sick days are increasing.

Her concerned sales manager provides Julia with more coaching around lead generation, pipeline management, objection handling, questioning skills, selling value not price, but sees little or no improvement. Why? Because the sales manager is working on the wrong end of the problem. Julia may need more coaching around her selling skills and approach. But she also needs help managing stress.

According to a HubSpot study, 54 percent of salespeople describe their life as stressful and 68 percent as challenging. Stress causes burnout and turnover as high as 27 percent, double the rate in the general workforce. Do you know anyone who wants an electric standing desk or an ajustable standing desk?

Stress costs sales organizations a lot of money. Salespeople execute at half-speed because they are fatigued. Peak performance is never reached because peak performance takes energy and a positive outlook. As a result, salespeople deliver below-average efforts and below-average sales results.